The Best PDF Reader

I am of the opinion that the Unix method is correct. You need software that does one thing and does it well. If you need a high quality reader application then you should look into downloading MuPDF. MuPDF does one thing and it does it right. It lets you view PDF, XPS, and E-book documents.

You can find the mupdf home page here.

MuPDF At Work


How To Use MuPDF

usage: mupdf [options] file.pdf [page]
	-p -	password
	-r -	resolution
	-A -	set anti-aliasing quality in bits (0=off, 8=best)
	-C -	RRGGBB (tint color in hexadecimal syntax)
	-W -	page width for EPUB layout
	-H -	page height for EPUB layout
	-I -	invert colors
	-S -	font size for EPUB layout
	-U -	user style sheet for EPUB layout
	-X	disable document styles for EPUB layout

It is as easy as -

$ mupdf yourbook.pdf

Install is a snap as MuPDF is available in most package managers.

$ sudo pacman -S mupdf

You cannot go wrong with MuPDF.