1. Violence In Houses Of Worship

  2. First Aid Familiarity

  3. Getting Organized - A Proposal


‘The new normal’ is an idea proposed by author and former CIA employee Steve Tarani that violence and community fracture is inevitable as many different groups and ideologies continue to clash. These clashes will spawn violence that many individuals are not mentally prepared for. We must not allow normalcy bias to rob us of our ability to react to these situations but instead must embrace this new normal and prepare ourselves physically and mentally to react when presented with danger.

We need to understand that moving forward, if you are responding to ‘Bang’, you have already failed. If you have to go to guns, you have failed. If you are not prepared to avoid the threat instead of confronting it, you have failed.

Christchurch Shooting

On March 15, 2019 a 28 year old man named Brenton Tarrant used Facebook to live stream himself conducting a shooting at the Masjid Al Noor mosque in Christchurch New Zealand at 1345. He used multiple weapons including rifles as well as shotguns to conduct the shooting. His victims included men, women, and children. The estimated death toll was 49 with more than 20 individuals wounded. Many of his victims required multiple surgeries to save their lives.

Tarrant used Facebook to live stream his attack, posted numerous warnings online, and also posted on a popular image board with information on his upcoming attack and an invitation for viewers to view the carnage. He also informed individuals that his intention was to live but he was expecting law enforcement response to be deadly.

Tarrant Wall Art

Tarrant has been celebrated both online as well as off line. His actions are being called an inspiration for numerous people who feel that violence is the only answer in response to what they believe to be increasing encroachment on their way of life. Calls for further violence have been posted online with many referring to Tarrant as a ‘Saint’.

Tarrant Weapon

Tarrant Magazine

Tarrant decorated his weapons with eulogies and slogans. He posted pictures of the weapons online and framed the weapons in his videos so that his messages could be read while he conducted his violent attacks.


ISIS posted a photo of an AK-47 variant in a tweet with promises of retaliation. The weapon was painted in a manner similar to how Tarrant painted his weapons. The messages and memorials for the victims of Islamic attacks were added to Tarrants weapon using a silver or white pen or marker. This was imitated by the ISIS fighter with his threat.

Threats Against The Latter Day Saint Community


Sometime around November 2017 members of ISIS began posting threatening images of bloody knives, Christmas gatherings, and an iconic LDS Temple located in San Diego with threats of violence. Law enforcement turn out was swift and overwhelming and as of this posting there has not been an organized attack on any LDS Temples within the United States in recent history.

First Aid

Please consider creating a simple combat life saver kit for yourself and family. An effective kit would include gloves, tourniquets (CAT for adults and wrap style for children), and a simple pressure dressing. An effective kit can be put together for very little money and will fit on a belt using a pouch.

Getting Organized

The Maricopa Sheriffs Office provides a block watch program as well as encourages the organization of members of the community. I am not asking you to do any policing and neither is the MCSO. I am asking you to be willing to be organized and to keep an eye on your homes and neighborhood.

One of the best deterrents against crime is positive outdoor activity. When
the community is out and about, you can be the eyes and ears of the
neighborhood, but please leave the policing to our deputies.

Please notify MCSO of any suspicious activity by calling the non-emergency
number, 602-876-1011; in an emergency, call 9-1-1. Not only does the
notification help solve potential crimes and keep the neighborhood safe,
the information assists with intelligence led policing. MCSO has a crime
analyst who uses calls for service to help direct targeted patrols and
identify trends.

I have requested information on the block watch and volunteer to organize it if members of our community are willing to participate. You are not being asked to become agents of enforcement but are being asked to be willing to report crime and to secure your neighborhood through cooperation with local established law enforcement channels.

Your Most Powerful Weapon is a training manual on staying safe in a world where terrorist attacks, active shootings, and physical violence are the new normal. How can you keep your family safe without a firearm or knowing a martial art?

Steve Tarani the author of Your Most Powerful Weapon is a former CIA full-time employee, protective services subject matter expert and lead instructor for a 3 million member strong training program for awareness based education. He has provided training for the US Naval Special Operations Command, FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association, National Association of School Resource Officers, and ‘others’.

Left Of Bang is a manual for the US Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program. This book is a detailed guide to learning to understand and trust your gut when it comes to threats and how to respond to them.

Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley are the authors of Left Of Bang. They provide training to the US Marine Corp, Law Enforcement, and civilians on correct threat response.


Violence is inevitable. There are an increasing number of people calling for violence with an expectation that conflict resolution cannot be found within nonviolent means with regards to current and future political as well as religious differences. Targets are being chosen and planning is being conducted right now by both groups as well as individuals from all spectrum of the community. You cannot allow yourself to become complacent or to be caught unaware.

Final Recommendations

  1. Prepare yourself mentally for violence and how you will respond.

  2. Actively decide to defend yourself and your family.

  3. Purchase a tourniquet and other first aid supplies. Learn to use it.

  4. Understand the phrase ‘The New Normal’.

  5. Seek out additional instruction.