Performance Objective

At the conclusion of the course the student will be able to:

  1. Identify what a Trusted Execution Environment Is.

  2. Explain what Out-Of-Band system access is.

  3. Identify what Intel Active Management Technology Is.

  4. Describe one vulnerability related to remote management tools.

  5. Describe how active management technology is bad for our freedom.


Out-Of-Band management is an integral part of managing a data center, providing 24/7 support, and ensuring high availability when managing servers. The ability to manage a server, troubleshoot, provide updates, and conduct other maintenance from a remote location when the system is otherwise disabled is invaluable in a business environment. Tools like Intel Active Management Technology provide added value for businesses and enterprise level users who require extremely high levels of remote access to their systems which they gain by bartering in trust with their vendor of choice.

Some imageboards have popularized the phrase ‘botnet’ when referring to any technology that advertises, data mines, or conducts surveillance on the user with or without their permission. The issue with much of the technology related to out-of-band management is that it is a black box and closed off from inspection by the user. There is however an open source API called redfish that provides a standard API for much of the out-of-band management technology on the market.

Common Activities Facilitated By Out-Of-Band Management Tools

Out-Of-Band management involves the use of dedicated channels for managing network enabled devices. This can include dedicated hardware, software, and even on-board miniature computers complete with CPU and OS that work outside the bounds of the device itself to provide many different features and tool sets.

  1. Reboot/Power Cycle
  2. Change Boot Order/Device
  3. Set power thresholds
  4. Serial console access via SSH
  5. Event notification
  6. Logging
  7. Identify systems
  8. Check temperature, fans, general health state, as well as power consumption
  9. Check hard drive status or fault state

Examples of in-band management tools include VNC, SSH, serial ports, or remote desktop tools.

Intel Active Management Technology

Intel has created a vulnerable management tool that has the stated purpose of enabling IT managers to discover, repair, and help protect networked computing assets.

You can learn how these tools are activated by the user and setup through the training material provided by radmin.


vPro is the umbrella term used to describe a host of features in which Intel AMT is ONE of those features. You can only get AMT with a vPro chip, but vPro chips offer other features.

vPro processors are multi-core and provide Intel AMT, remote configuration, Intel TXT, wired and wireless network connections, support for different network defense protocols, and a host of virtualization technology tools.

Intel AMT And Freedom

The Free Software Foundation states -

Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) is a proprietary remote management
and control system for personal computers with Intel CPUs. It is dangerous
because it has full access to personal computer hardware at a very low level,
and its code is secret and proprietary.

AMT and Shodan

The Intel Active Management Engine currently reports 4,437 results as a search result on the Shodan search engine as of the creation of this talk.

Exploits And More

  1. CVE-2017-5689 - A proof of concept for the intel management engine exploit
  2. AMT honey pot
  3. Intel Management Engine JTAG Proof Of Concept

Can’t we disable the ME using a python script though? Not on modern hardware, no. The removal of the ME causes most computers to become bricked or otherwise unusable. Some users report their systems reboot or lock every thirty minutes.

Other Out-Of-Band Access Tools

  1. IPMI
  2. MCTP
  3. Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware
  4. HP Guardian Service Processor
  5. HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO)
  6. Dell DRAC (iDRAC)
  7. IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter
  8. Management Interface M1000e (Dell)

Wireless AMT and 3G

Is there a secret mobile 3G connection in vPro chips? No. There is no secret Intel 3G connection for their processors. There is an overt method by which you can remotely connect or provide an ‘encrypted’ SMS to activate the computer remotely.

We know that ISP companies are willing to defraud the government, but is it also possible that they receive a pass on their behavior because of their integral support in providing spy services on the globe?

The Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs reports -

At some point prior to June 5, 2013, the Department of Justice applied for and
received a warrant authorizing the FISC to order Verizon Business Network
Services to turn over on “an ongoing daily basis” phone call details including
whom calls are placed to and from, when the calls were made, and how long they
lasted. This is known as metadata. It contains the pertinent information
relating to the phone call, except for the content of the call itself.

Spying is a full time job and these companies would need to inject themselves with capital in a manner that provides them with plausible deniability. This spending is known as Black Budget expenditures. I believe the current affairs in relation to the missing $400 billion in public money ear marked for improvements did provide improvements. It improved the business process of spying and enriched companies while sacrificing the American publics ability to compete on a global scale.

What is Minix?

Minix is technically the worlds most popular operating system with copies installed and in use on nearly every Intel computer built since 2008. Minix powers a full networking stack, file system, drivers, and a web server available on nearly every computer. Minix generally runs in ring -3 (ring Negative Three) and is almost never touched by the user of the computer. Your kernal runs at ring 0 and most applications will run at ring 3. This means that Minix and the Intel ME has total and undisputed control over your computer.

Minix is a posix compliant and Unix like operating system that uses a microkernel architecture.

A semi-sensationalist article is available from Network World.

Is Intel Trusted Execution Technology Also AMT?

No. You will find AMT and TXT on the same chip because they are provided as part of the package known as vPRO but they are not the same thing. The Intel Trusted Execution technology is a method by which developers can use computing power provided by a separate OS from their currently in use OS to protect data and tools. AMT is for actively managing the hardware and OS using a separate OS and tool set to do so.

What is Intel TXT

A primer is available from Intel on their trusted execution technology. I provide an excerpt below.

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology is a component of Intel® vPro™ processor
technology, a set of innovative technologies from Intel that provide
next-generation manageability and security for the business PC. Other key
features of this platform include Intel® Active Management Technology and
Intel® Virtualization Technology.

To make sure that code is executing in this protected environment, attestation
mechanisms verify that the system has correctly invoked Intel TXT. These
capabilities complement other key features of Intel vPro processor technology,
including Intel AMT and Intel VT. Intel AMT enhances the security and central
remote management of business PCs by providing a firmware-based out-of band
communication channel through which a management console can reach the PC even
when it is powered off or the operating system is non-functional or missing.

The primary goal of Intel TXT is to provide the ability for software to define
a safe, isolated execution space within the larger system.

Intel TXT provides mechanisms that can be used to establish a system as

Many usage models associated with Intel TXT involve the use of an Intel
VT-enabled VMM. VMMs provide isolation for OSs and applications that will make
use of Intel TXT. That scenario allows for running a number of protected
partitions, each in its own virtual machine.

It should be noted that Intel TXT can launch an environment other than a VMM.
This section captures some noteworthy considerations associated with the use of
Intel TXT with and without a VMM:.If no VMM is present acting to isolate the OS
and applications that will use Intel TXT, the environment must address that
isolation issue using software solutions.

As virtualization continues to become a mainstream technology that is more
widely deployed by businesses of all sizes, software solutions that can take
advantage of it to provide a trusted execution environment using Intel TXT
stand to gain a competitive advantage in their market segments as they
differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Do buzzwords like trusted and secure mean it is secure?


The Trusted Execution Technology is not perfect.

Complication breeds vulnerability.

The Future Forecast

Digital serfdom is our future. The definition of a serf is a person who labors or works on land owned by a lord. While a serf is not a slave they are obligated to exchange labour for survival using the tools provided by a lord. We will no longer own our devices or our data and will exist in segregated and balkanized corners of the internet provided by company lords who rent us the tools and technology we will use to enforce our own fealty.

Imagine you ‘purchase’ a computer, bring it home, and set it up. The box you keep in your home provides basic access to a remote data center and all of your data is stored in the cloud. The system you keep in your home is monitored and controlled remotely and every action you take is verified for acceptability within what ever parameters are pertinent at the time. Once the computer is plugged in, someone else will be able to turn it on or off, access network capabilities, and activate microphones or cameras at their discretion without you having any say in the matter.


  1. Trusted Execution Environment is a secure area of a main processor that guarantees code and data loaded inside is confidential and integral.

  2. Out-Of-Band management or system access is a dedicated management channel for device maintenance that allows a system admin to monitor and manage servers by remote control even when those machines are powered off or otherwise nonfunctional.

  3. Intel Active Management Technology is a proprietary tool produced by Intel to provide Out-Of-Band management through the deployment of a separate microprocessor not normally exposed to the user. This allows the monitoring, maintenance, update, upgrade, and repair of a system from a remote location even when the OS is otherwise not accessible.

  4. Critical firmware vulnerabilities exist in Intel AMT, Intel Standard Manageability, and Intel Small Business Technology enabled devices. Attackers have the ability to remotely gain access to PCs or devices that use these technologies.

  5. Intel Active Management Technology is a proprietary remote control system baked into Intel CPUs that provides full access to the system at a sub Ring 0 level. This technology has no public oversight and is not free software.


What do we do if we are concerned by the current situation in relation to technology and our future? We can try a new method of communication or we can work towards regaining our confidence in technology through better understanding of what the tools are and how they are being deployed.

We now build computers that require computers to work in tandem in order to provide basic operation. Our devices require experts to describe their use and are almost impossible to use at a level that is not far abstracted from the hardware itself. The C64 had books that described the inner workings of the hardware, provided assembler training aimed at kids, and revealed even the most hardware level operations to the user. This no longer exists.

We could put mankind into space on 1960’s level technology with a code base that uses only the most rudimentary commands but we now require multi gigahertz systems with trusted computing modules and processors within processors attached to wireless communication devices in order to facilitate shit posting and uploading images of our sexual organs to dating sites.

The Intel Management Engine is not targeted at the home market and does not provide a benefit that could not be better emulated with something more open source and removed from the baked in mess that is our motherboards. If you need remote management, system monitoring, and all of the tools provided by vPro, you should be allowed to purchase the tool sets necessary and implement them as you see fit. For those of us who do not need these tools, they should not be sneaking quietly into our systems and left in as a backdoor. Also, for those thinking to themselves they will simple switch to AMD I urge you to do your research. These systems are being baked into every computer, but the World Governments continue to call for more.

The Five Eyes Brief From The AU Government

Read the Five Eyes Brief online thanks to the Australian Government.

Final Recommendations

  1. Use Linux.
  2. Understand your hardware.
  3. Understand your OS.
  4. Read.
  5. Learn to search.