Performance Objective

At the conclusion of the course the student will be familiar with the following events:

  1. Major Breaches
  2. New or Novel Attacks
  3. Events Of Interest
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Major Events


Swatting continues to be an issue with the first known death from a swatting call occurring this year.

@Swautistic, the individual who claimed responsibility to getting an unarmed man killed in Kansas has previously claimed to be responsible for -

  • 100+ School Threats

  • 10+ Residence Threats

  • Was previously convicted for calling in a bomb threat to an ABC affiliate

Tyler Barris, AKA @Swautistic will have had his Extradition Proceeding Hearing on 02/02/2018 and his current case number is BA464000. Documents about the case are available from the Superior Court Of California for a cost of approximately $5.00. He will be charged with Manslaughter.

LA Court


Kansas Courts

The Hot Cop Was Fired

A ‘Hot Cop’ posts anti semitic things on his social media and gets fired after previously going viral and becoming known for being ‘super sexy’.

This Florida Police Officer decided to make jokes about Hitler, Jews, and otherwise do dumb shit on the computer. He made the comments back between 2011 and 2013 but after becoming famous, others decided to go through records of his online history. He has since been fired.

Esports Extortion Attempt

The ESports Group ESEA was the victim of a failed extortion attempt and lost 1.5 million profiles. Data lost included addresses, logins, names, web site urls, Steam ID, Xbox ID, and PSN IDs.

  • An extortion attempt was made for a sum of $100,000

  • 1.5 million accounts are at risk

  • Intellectual Property was stolen as well

Equifax Hack

Equifax was hacked and this is what happened. Then they screwed up again.

  • Attackers gained access to about 50% of the US Populations data
  • Breach was announced
  • Stocks Plummet nearly 15%
  • Senior Security Executives retire (Yes, the music teacher lady)
  • Equifax CEO says their sorry by penning a letter in an op-ed
  • Senators start investigating
  • Equifax Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer quit
  • Equifax sends users to a bogus website accidently and funnels victims to be victimized again
  • Equifax CEO retires
  • Equifax says 2.5 million more people may be victims
  • Equifax admits that mistakes were made

Another Yahoo Hack

Yahoo was hacked. Again. Like again again. Not just that one time or that other time. But yes, again.

Marissa Mayer had a senate hearing.

Yahoo got breached by ‘very sophisticated hackers’. Spear Fishing.

Shadow Brokers

Shadow Brokers leaked stuff from the NSA. They probably stole a lot of their leaks from Harold Martin. He stole 50 Terabytes of data.

Also let’s not forget Reality Winner


WannaCry happened.

Petya and NotPetya

NotPetya happened.

Bad Rabbit

Bad Rabbit Malware hit.

GOP Voter Records Exposed

GOP voter records were exposed.

The Dark Overlord

When not stealing Netflix stuff a group called ‘The Dark Overlord’ decided to extort parents and kids as they targeted schools across the nation.

Uber Scandal

Uber paid someone $100,000 to cover up a hack of 57 million Uber customers. That is called extortion. This breach may change laws as senators are now looking to make covering up breaches a crime.

They were hacked while dealing with a court case on their handling of users private data.

Vault 7 and Wikileaks

Wikileaks and Vault 7



Political Hacking

France Macron Leak

DNC Hack

DNC Inside Job

Future Of Political Hacking

Apple Money

Apple is bringing home $350 billion dollars and pledges to make 20,000 jobs within five years.

H1B changes

Congress is presenting the RAISE act.

Foreign workers are raising their concerns.

India is preparing for major changes in H1B.


Cyber related crime is costing trillions of dollars. Companies are spending an increasing amount of time being forced to focus on their own safety as they discover that there is an increasing disconnect between local and state level law enforcement and the crimes being committed.

Baltimore, Cleveland, and Madison, Wisconsin have all found their law enforcement under attack by hackers who decided to take matters into their own hands after poorly handled events spiraled out of control. Chief Of Police Terry Sult of Hampton, Virginia stated that ‘You can expect be hacked if you have a questionable shooting.’ and that is dangerous for the public.

Final Recommendations

  1. Read the Cost Of Crime Study by Accenture.

  2. Understand the cost of poor security.

  3. Start applying for new jobs and exploring the options. IT jobs are back on the menu for Americans!

  4. Get involved!

  5. Do I need to tell you to use Linux in 2018?