• Podcast - Episode 02 - Not going to stop now?

    The second episode of the Retro64XYZ podcast. We discuss chiptunes, gpg encryption, and the NSA exploit leaks.

  • Podcast - Episode 01 - Why not both?

    The first episode of the Retro64XYZ podcast. We discuss the PlayStation VR, WanaCry Cryptoware, and writing your resume using pandoc with the help of GitHub.

  • How do I fix the ALSA underrun error 7963 in Audacity?

    A short how-to on fixing an error found in Audacity. If you see an underrun error in Audacity that is causing distortion and sped up replay, this may fix your issue.

  • Introduction To Exploits

    Introduction To Exploits is a two hour course that provides a rough outline of the tools and techniques used to gain illicit access to computers and is designed to educate individuals about the dangers posed by the software they may use.

  • How do I use Docker and XForwarding with OSX?

    A short introduction to using X-forwarding with Docker in a Macintosh OSX Machine.