• Introduction To Defensive Programming

    Introduction To Defensive Programming is a two hour course focused on developing the skills necessary to understand best practices for software development. This is not an introduction to programming class but is instead focused on helping the student better understand software related security and how the programmer is the first line of defense. Even non programmers can benefit from this course without issue.

  • EFF Statement Signature

    The EFF provided a statement to the FCC on net neutrality. I was asked to review the statement and provide my endorsement if I agreed. You can read the statement here as well as my endorsement.

  • Introduction To Dark Markets

    Introduction To Dark Markets is a two hour discussion on how commerce is conducted on the shadier parts of the internet. This discussion will include the how information, drugs, and other illicit material is moved around the internet, who is doing it, and some of the motives involved. It will also discuss some of the markets and their longevity or lack there of.

  • Introduction To Operational Security

    Introduction To Operational Security is a two hour course that provides an outline of how to manage privacy, data security, and data assurance. We will discuss the tools and techniques used by professionals to manage their online presence.

  • Podcast - Episode 02 - Not going to stop now?

    The second episode of the Retro64XYZ podcast. We discuss chiptunes, gpg encryption, and the NSA exploit leaks.