• What is the best PDF reader for Linux? MuPDF!

    Trying to find the best PDF reader for Linux? Try MuPDF!

  • The Gopher Manifesto

    Gopher is an infoserver which can deliver text, graphics, audio, and multimedia to clients. The frugal attitude to display, simplistic construction of sites, and lack of necessary investment in layout or design makes Gopher incredibly inexpensive to host and deploy. This is the Gopher manifesto.

  • Using YouTube Over Gopher

    The gopher protocol can provide access to the website YouTube. Here is how.

  • Introduction To RATS

    Introduction To Remote Access Tools (RATS) is a two-hour course designed to provide an overview of what a RAT is, how it is created, and what kinds of legal and illegal behaviors are being facilitated by their deployment.

  • Introduction To Shodan

    Introduction To Shodan is a two-hour course designed to provide an overview of the search engine for finding devices connected to the internet. Shodan is a security researcher tool that works by scanning the entire internet, locating and parsing banners, and then returning this information to the user. Shodan is an excellent tool to familiarize yourself with if you do not have the infrastructure or tools necessary to run masscan yourself. Shodan is useful in the target selection phase of an operation.