• Introduction To Firejail, AppArmor, and SELinux

    Introduction To Firejail, AppArmor, and SELinux is a two-hour course designed to provide an overview of three major tools that could be deployed on your server or personal computer to enhance security through greater and more granular control over your applications.

  • UAT Talk

    What are some basic cyber security related behaviors and tools we can implement in order to better defend ourselves? I discuss a few of them.

  • Using GNU IceCat as an alternative Tor browser.

    GNU IceCat is a GNU version of Firefox. You may know that Firefox is the base on which the Tor browser is built but can the ethical advantages of IceCat provide enhanced security over the traditional Tor browser? I think so.

  • How do I use UFW? Easy!

    This is a primer on UFW. I discuss how and why to activate a firewall on your Linux box.

  • Introduction To Secure Computing

    Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, and Disinformation exists around the modern computer processor. Revelations brought about from leaks has left the technology community concerned about what is being integrated into their hardware and what kind of vulnerabilities exist. This discussion will introduce concepts such as Active Management Technology, Trusted Execution Environments, and Out-Of-Band system access.