• Book Study - The Prince

    The Prince is a book on leadership penned in the 16th century for Lorenzo Di Piero De Medici. The intention of the book was to either educate one on how to survive as a leader of men or to sabotage the rule of those who read it, depending on whose opinion you lend credence to.

  • Book Study - Rodrigo Duterte: 16th Philippines President

    Due to the number of controversies that surround the current Philippine President and with urging by family members I began researching Rodrigo Duterte. One of the books I began reading promises not to be a politically motivated writing but an explanation of some of the history surrounding the election of Mr. Duterte during his presidential run.

  • Book Study - The Silent Brotherhood

    The Silent Brotherhood is a true crime story about individuals involved in a violent anti-government militia movement within the United States. The group 'The Order' was active within the United States from 1983 to 1984 and conducted murders and robberies.

  • Book Study - Industrial Society and its Future

    Industrial Society and its Future is also known as The Unabomber Manifesto. This 35,000 word manifesto was given to several news agencies by Ted Kaczynski for publishing in exchange for refraining from sending a bomb and killing others. The FBI and the Attorney General at the time urged the publishing of the manifesto to protect the public.

  • Raspberry Pi Game HAT

    The Wave Share Game HAT for the Raspberry Pi is an awesome accessory for any one interested in exploring emulation with their Raspberry Pi device.