• Introduction To Love Scams - Supplemental Discussion

    Introduction To love scams is a supplemental explanation of how scammers take advantage of individuals who are lonely or otherwise gullible and willing to part with their money in the hopes of acquiring love. The love scammer often preys on a very vulnerable population while pretending to be a type of person that someone may care for. Here are tips on how to spot scammers and their methods.

  • Introduction To Assembly Language

    Introduction To Assembly Language is the introduction to my reverse engineering course. This is part one of a multi part educational series on lower level software development and reverse engineering. Many developers and security experts are not familiar with assembly language or the lower levels of their hardware. This course is intended to begin familiarizing you with assembly language in order to build the foundation for future courses on reverse engineering.

  • Guest Post - The Blockchain Utility

    I have met many people who want to use blockchains. There is a large amount of misinformation, blind following, and desire without understanding. This document goes over all the aspects that should be considered and realized before implementing.

  • Introduction To Carding - Supplemental Discussion

    Introduction To Carding is a supplemental explanation of how credit card based financial crimes are perpetrated. Many individuals involved in carding post freely about how they conduct themselves criminally. This is an introduction to this form of crime for consumers and law enforcement.

  • Book Study - The Prince

    The Prince is a book on leadership penned in the 16th century for Lorenzo Di Piero De Medici. The intention of the book was to either educate one on how to survive as a leader of men or to sabotage the rule of those who read it, depending on whose opinion you lend credence to.