Game HAT for Raspberry Pi

The waveshare game HAT for the Raspberry Pi converts the device into a classic game console. The device provides a 3.5inch IPS screen and battery integration to allow on the go use. There is also an onboard speaker and an earphone jack for the user. The device is a simple upgrade that costs $39.99 and allows you to deploy your Raspberry Pi as a portable gaming system.

I found the device easy to install. You simple slip the Pi into the mount, add a battery, and screw on the back to hold it all together. Installation required about 10 minutes to get the hardware piece completed and an additional 10 to copy the Pi HAT image to an SDCard and install. I found it extremely simple but fun and satisfying.

I think the waveshare game HAT would make a great project for people new to computing or just starting out with the maker scene. I think it would be great for kids. I recommend it.